So Long Hong Kong

I love it when your employer sends you overseas to do something cool. A few months ago I was sent to do some maintenance work in two data centres in Hong Kong. While the 8pm-3am work periods surrounded by rows of howling IBM p-Series servers and shipping-crate-sized Sun tape libraries did affect my sleeping patterns, there were still enough daylight hours to get out and see Hong Kong’s skyline, Hong Kong’s fashion, Hong Kong’s shopping malls, its shopping malls, its sights, its shopping malls, its skyline and… did I mention its shopping malls? (Yes, there far too many).

Hong Kong was fun. I love architecture, I adore big cities, the food was brill and I could still speak English. I think I’d go mental if I lived there but it was a great experience.

You might ask why it’s taken me 4 months to publish these photos. The answer is that I got all inspired after seeing Steve Jobs unveil Apple’s new iLife ‘08 software. Sorting and uploading a bunch of photos is quite rewarding and relaxing, especially when I’m pleased with the shots (and I am).

And why “So Long Hong Kong”? Yeah, I quit my job last week (and the weight lifts off his shoulders), so I don’t expect a return trip any time soon. I wonder if my new employer will send me to the orient too!

Enjoy the shots: Hong Kong Apr07