Kosciuszko - A walk in the park

Mt. Kosciuszko is Australia’s highest mountain. If you are planning the trip, I suggest you leave behind your supplemental oxygen, your ice axe and your duck-down suit. Your best friend would be a good old can of Aerogard. The flies are really bad.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, a friend and I drove from Sydney, past Canberra and up into the Snowy Mountains. After a good night’s sleep we continued past the ski fields and drove as far as we could until the road stopped at Charlotte’s Pass. 2 hours and a 9km walk later we stood heroically, windswept and a little sunburnt, a full 2229m (7313ft) above sea level surveying all the land and people of Australia beneath us… at least until the next person stood next to the summit marker! Taking a different route back lead us past beautiful alpine scenery, a glacial lake and some wildflowers that grow in one place worldwide — along the track we walked. The 13km return leg was tiring but ever so beautiful. Take a day out if you’re in the area in summer.

Now, would it surprise you that I took photos? Honestly, I’m really thrilled with the way these came out. I’m especially fond of the jpg panoramas. All the photos and jpg panoramas are in my Kosciuszko album.

Oh, OK. Here’s a taste…

View from the Charlotte's pass viewing platform