Patience, grasshopper

One step at a time.

I’m always fighting the desire to have everything perfect before even starting but here I just want enough infrastructure to publish, be happy enough with the look and have a starting point for improvements.

Here’s the basic to-do list:

  1. Actually get a basic WordPress and gallery2 install [cha-ching]
  2. Move the content across from my old zeta site (, particularly image galleries and QuickTime QTVR panoramas [cha-ching]
  3. Sort out and upload the rest of the image galleries [done]
  4. Upload the first cut at my WordPress template [done]
  5. Tie in the WordPress and gallery templates via the WordPress gallery2 plugin [done]
  6. Write! [ Now I’m here ]

I’ve already got several image galleries in place. You can see them by following the Photos link at the top right of this page.