Words and Pictures - November

I saw a movie in November. A whole movie with only a few interruptions from the kids. Amazing! I hope to do the same in 2014.


  • Designing Offline-First Web Apps - Alex Feyerke (A List Apart). As a daily commuter with spotty mobile coverage, I appreciate when application developers take the time to consider “offline” as a valid state and not an error.
  • More And Better Nuclear Power - Nicholas Valéry (The Economist). I’m pro-nuclear, and would love to see old, unsafe light-water reactors replaced with newer models, particularly Thorium-fuelled thermal breeder reactors, that can make this a safe and effective power source.
  • The art of stealing - Lex Boon (NRC). The story of a major art heist in Rotterdam. Beautifully formatted - read this on the site instead of in Instapaper.
  • The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann - Tina Essmaker (TGD). I really like Merlin Mann. He’s honest, funny and he’s well read in more areas than one might expect given his exposure in the tech/productivity world. This is a great interview.