Words and Pictures - March

I actually got to watch some movies last month. My five month old and two year old made sure that I couldn’t watch any of them in a single sitting, but at least I got to see them! (and I wouldn’t change being a parent for the world):

The movies:

  • Argo - Spy thrillers can be hit and miss but this was really engrossing. I didn’t know the historical outcome so the movie held me all the more. p.s.: Ben Affleck has the coolest beard.
  • Source Code - A engaging time-travel thriller. It had a few plot holes but nothing that detracted from the entertainment at all. Don’t think too hard as you watch it and I think you’ll like it. I did.

And the best reading of the month:

  • Folklore - Andy Hertzfeld - Life inside a start-up. Making history might be fun, but it’s generally hard work. The background behind the hardware was fascinating, and took me back to 1990.
  • Michael Lewis - Obama’s Way - It’s Michael Lewis. What’s not to like? Just read it.
  • Sci-Fi Structures Found on Earth Get Transported to Alien World - Some people are incredibly creative. I’d happily move into Atmospheric observation outpost Omicron (the third picture) - hopefully one will appear for sale in my local real-estate agent.
  • The Real Cuban Missile Crisis - I didn’t realise that my view of the crisis was so heavily influenced by the writings of a pro-Kennedy hawk. Bias is most dangerous when you don’t even realise it’s there.