Words and Pictures - August

Words and Pictures for August? It’s November!

I know. I’ve been doing other things, yet these articles were too good not to share.


  • Have You Heard The One About President Joe Biden? - Jeanne Marie Laskas (GQ). Joe Biden sounds like a politician who isn’t a Politician. Great writing - it made me feel like I was travelling with him.
  • Arabic: A Language With Too Many Armies And Navies - The Economist. An introduction to Arabic dialects. Technical enough to be interesting yet accessible to monoglots or infant polyglots like me.
  • In Praise Of Laziness - Schumpeter (The Economist). Knowledge workers need physical and mental space for creativity.
  • Forced Exposure - Groklaw. I read this as the seriousness of the Edward Snowden leaks was becoming clear. It’s still terrible and I hope we, particularly the technical community along with political activism, can make move the balance back towards privacy.
  • The Powerball Jackpot Is \$425m. Should You Play? - James Harvey (Medium). Don’t let a little bit of maths dissuade you - this is a great read.


  • Stargate SG1, Season 7. Fighting the Goa’uld System Lords without ever taking themselves seriously. I love this show.