A quick trip to Shanghai

My employer is hiring in Shanghai, so I did a quick trip to conduct a bunch of interviews. The food was sensational. The pollution… not so much. Here are a few of my favourite photos (click through for the full size on Flickr).

A view from the office on a relatively unpolluted day. The fine particulate matter reading, PM2.5, was 90μg/m3 when this photo was taken.

View from the office

The same view 2 days later, with PM2.5 at 146μg/m3. It peaked at 271μg/m3 with a corresponding Air Quality Index of 321. This level is deemed Hazardous - “Everyone should avoid all physical activity outdoors; people with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should remain indoors and keep activity levels low”. Ugh…

View from the office, with bonus pollution

A panorama from the Bund, looking back to downtown Pudong.

Pudong from the Bund

The Shanghai Maglev Train, just before we boarded. We caught a slow service, which ran at 300 km/h; the fast service runs at 431km/h. I loved the ride.

Shanghai Maglev Train