Jenolan Caves - Limestone and Country Air

What better way to spend a public holiday than out in the country? Breathe in the crisp morning air, drive through quiet winding roads, see and hear actual wildlife and stuff yourself with good food while hanging out with friends. Bring it on.

Jenolan Caves is a collection of limestone caves about 2.5 hours west of Sydney. There are about 12 “show caves” and the guided tours take between 1 and 2 hours. You’ll stay clean, see fantastic limestone formations, probably learn some basic geology and have a brilliant, relaxing day away from the city. I’ve been back several times, you’ll probably do the same.

Here are a few recommendations if you’re planning a trip:

  • Leave early and get out there between 9 and 10am. If you didn’t pre-book your tickets, the tours should still have space at that time.
  • Pre-book your tickets. There’s good info on their website and the people on the phone are so helpful. They’ll recommend something good if you don’t know what you want or don’t know what’s available.
  • Take your own food. There isn’t a great deal of choice out there and it’s expensive. We stuck to getting coffee and hot chocolate.
  • Rug up. You won’t be cold when you’re walking in the caves but it’s cold outside, particularly when the sun disappears in the afternoon. Oberon is the nearest town and it occasionally snows there in winter if that gives you a clue.
  • Take good walking shoes. Most caves involve lots of steps and lots of walking. You’ll want to be comfortable.
  • Go with friends. You’ll love it together!
  • Don’t rush it - we did 2 caves with a long lunch in-between. Remember, you’re there to relax!

Here’s the photo album.

And here’s a taste from the “Temple of Baal” cave:

Temple of Baal Cave: A shawl feature